Do more with Singapore’s all-in-one Drive & Park app

From planning and navigating your way around heavy traffic and ERP timings, to finding the fastest routes and cheapest parking, make Breeze your go-to local app for easier drives!


  • OBU on Breeze

    Track weekly ERP and parking expenses, driving trends, and get updated OBU-related transactions when you pair and connect Breeze to your OBU on all drives.

  • Easy Navigation

    Set destination by cheapest, shortest and fastest route, with turn-by-turn instructions in a local voice.

  • Live Traffic Updates

    Hit the road with real-time info on traffic and live camera footage on major highways.

  • Go Green

    View public transport options for your most recent, most frequent or most costly trips. Save money. Save the earth.



  • Parking Calculator

    Save time and money by comparing costs of nearby carparks.

  • Live Rates

    Reduce parking costs with real-time rates that are constantly updated.

  • Check Parking Availability

    Find free parking or the nearest and cheapest available carpark before every trip.

  • Parking Vouchers

    Look out for free parking promotions and offers in 'My Vouchers'.



  • Saved Places and Shared Maps

    Create maps of your favourite local spots, and share them with others.

  • Explore Maps

    Get more out of local neighbourhoods with curated maps of places to eat, hiking trails, seasonal events, and more.

  • Walking Guides

    Explore local hidden gems when you are in the area (currently available in Civic District, Tiong Bahru and Tampines).

  • Petrol Stations & EV Chargers

    While driving, easily find and navigate to a nearby petrol station or EV charging station.


Want to make Breeze even breezier?

Share your ideas on how we can enhance our app to better serve the Singaporean driving community. Let us know in the Feedback section on the Breeze app.

Breeze today!

“Breeze has really helped me find nearby parking faster! I can even calculate the parking fees.”

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Full list of app features

Full list of app features


  • Cheapest Route
  • Fastest Route
  • Shortest Route
  • ERP 2.0 Ready
  • Cruise Mode with Alerts
  • Set Depart/Arrive Time
  • Add Pit Stop
  • Rerouting
  • Save Trip
  • Local Voice


  • High Coverage of Carparks
  • Parking Calculator
  • Cheapest Parking
  • Nearest Parking
  • Check Parking Availability
  • Compare Parking Rates
  • Parking eVouchers
  • Carpark List
  • Parking Preference Setting


  • Walking Guides
  • Lifestyle Maps
  • Saved Places
  • Shared Maps
  • Petrol Stations/ EV Chargers
  • Partner Deals

Live Information & Alerts

  • ERP Rates & Timing
  • Traffic Updates
  • Road Accident
  • Road Works
  • Speed Camera
  • Speeding
  • School Zone
  • Silver Zone
  • Flooding


  • Parking Calculator
  • ERP Checker
  • Trip Log
  • Live Traffic

Accessibility & Usage

  • Apple CarPlay
  • Android Auto
  • Petrol/ EV Charger Preference Setting
  • Feedback Channel
  • Inbox