• Breeze Singapore Map App
  • Singapore Parking App
  • Live Traffic Updates in Singapore
  • More than just a driving navigation app

    Parking, ERP, live traffic updates, and more.
  • No more parking bill shock

    Check parking availability and compare parking rates of nearby carparks in Singapore.
  • Get live traffic updates while driving

    Get real-time traffic and road-related updates in both Navigation and Cruise modes.

All you ever need to make driving a Breeze

From parking to ERP and trip planning – meet Singapore's local driver's app for smoother journeys and better arrivals. More than just navigation, Breeze provides real-time information on parking rates, ERP rates and operating hours, live traffic updates, and much more for better arrivals.

Parking Planner

Plan your parking in advance.
  • Check parking availability and rates

    Find free parking or the nearest and cheapest available carpark.

    available parking near me
  • Compare parking rates of nearby carparks

    Save time and money by checking the cost for your duration of parking and compare rates of nearby carparks.

    cheapest parking rates near me

Trip Planner

Plan trips ahead of schedule or on the go.
  • Route Planner

    Save or edit that trip anytime. Breeze will remind you when to leave to help get you anywhere in Singapore on time.

    route planner app
    route planner app
  • Smart Navigation

    Enjoy intuitive, turn-by-turn instructions. Set your destination by fastest, shortest or cheapest route.

    breeze app smart navigation
    breeze app smart navigation
  • Personalised Driver's Map

    Create a custom-view of amenities that matter to you, from playgrounds and PCNs to hawker centres and museums.

    breeze personalised map
    breeze personalised map
  • Petrol and EV Charging Stations

    Search on the go for your preferred petrol station, or even add a pit stop for an EV charging station.

    nearby EV charging stations
    nearby EV charging stations
  • Trip Log

    Keep track of your trips, ERP and parking expenses on the Navigation mode for budgeting or claims purposes. Choose to share your trip log summaries via email.

    Breeze trip log
    Breeze trip log

Real-time Updates

Stay nimble on the road with alerts and live traffic updates.
  • ERP Checker

    Get accurate information on ERP rates and operating hours ahead of your drive or along your route.

    Breeze ERP checker
  • Live Traffic and Road Conditions

    Hit the road with live traffic updates and live camera footage at major highways across Singapore.

    live traffic updates
  • ETA Notification and Trip Progress Sharing

    Send an automatic pre-arrival notification with live sharing of location to ease any pick-up and drop-off.

    app for ETA sharing
    app for ETA sharing
  • Cruise Mode with Alerts

    Turn on Cruise mode to get live traffic updates, without turn-by-turn instructions. Once your car moves more than 20km/hour, the Cruise mode automatically kicks in to bring you live traffic updates and alerts on road works, road closures, traffic congestion, and ERP rates.

    Breeze cruise mode
    Breeze cruise mode

Places and Amenities

Discover, create and customise your own Singaporean adventures, navigate there and find the cheapest parking near you.
  • Personalised Driver's Map

    Create a custom-view of amenities that matter to you, from playgrounds and PCNs to hawker centres and museums.

    personalised drivers map
  • Explore Maps

    Discover different sides of Singapore with our curated maps of places to eat, heritage & hiking trails, seasonal events, and more.

    explore maps
  • Saved Places

    Create and save your favourite or newly discovered places into your very own map of collections and themes.

    saved places

East vs West Takeaway Challenge

Breeze teams up with actress Roz Pho and celebrity chef Lennard Yeong to find out which side has the best food in our East vs West Takeaway Challenge!

Watch the video and follow their dabao journeys as they use the Breeze app to explore each other's favourite Makan Picks to determine if indeed East Side is Best Side or West Food is Best Food!

To view Roz's and Lennard's Makan Picks, download the Breeze app and go to Explore Maps.

Connect to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Connect our map to your built-in car display via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto and get all the key information you need in large view while you focus on the road.

  • connect map to built-in car display
  • connect map to built-in car display

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